Torres-Martinez Reservation

The Torres-Martinez Reservation was established by Executive Order on May 15, 1876 and is named after the early Toro Indian Village and the Martinez Indian Agency and is located in the lower Coachella Valley.  The reservation encompasses a total area of 24,024 acres, half of which is submerged below the Salton Sea.  .

Ancestors of current Torres-Martinez Tribal members, like all the Coachella Valley Indian Tribes, are Cahuilla Indians. The Torres-Martinez distinguished themselves with their ability to develop water supplies with hand-dug, walk-in wells which helped them accommodate the strict requirements of desert living. These water pits were constructed with terraced sides and were sometimes 100 feet across, able to sustain the Tribe when no other surface water could be found.

The Torres-Martinez Historical District consists of three buildings. Believed to be the oldest standing Indian Agency buildings in California, they were placed on the National Registry of Historical Places in 1973.

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