Santa Rosa Reservation

The Santa Rosa Indian Reservation is located in Riverside County, between Palm Springs and Anza, and occupies 11,021 acres of land with elevations ranging from 4,200’ to 8,700’ at Toro Peak.

The Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians are the direct descendants of three Cahuilla clans that occupied the areas of Toro Peak, Coyote Canyon/Anza Borrego, Garner Valley, Pinion and present day Santa Rosa Reservation.  During winter months the clans would occupy the lower desert canyons.  During the harsh summer months, the clans would move to the cooler elevations

The Santa Rosa Reservation was established on February 2, 1907, under authority of the Act of 1891 as amended. The Act of April 17, 1937 authorized the Secretary of Interior to purchase 640 acres to be held in trust for the Tribe. All reservation land is tribally owned and un-allotted, though some of the land is under assignment and has been passed from generation to generation. Currently there are approximately 70 people living on the reservation with a total of 110 tribal members.   A Tribal Council governs with members elected to two year terms.

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