Cahuilla Reservation

The Cahuilla Indian Reservation is a federally recognized tribe that was established on December 27, 1875 by executive order. The entire reservation is held in trust by the United States Government and consists of 18,884.26 acres; it is divided into land assignments and held in common for the membership. Cahuilla is 325 members strong with approximately 60 homes on the Reservation.

The Cahuilla Indian Reservation is located in a rural Southern California area of Riverside County, adjacent to the township of Anza, CA. The Reservation is approximately 25 miles east of Temecula and 35 miles west of Coachella Valley. The Reservation is comprised of rolling hills, large boulders, and pasture lands of redshank, manzanita, and sagebrush; a true chaparral ecosystem. The Cahuilla Reservation has a major surface water system known as the Cahuilla Creek which runs from the southeastern section to the northwestern section. It is also known as “Paui” (people of the hot springs).